Standard U-Channel Sign Post - 8' tall
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Part# K-153-8MK
Size 8' Post
Some tips for installing a U-Channel post. It's not as tough as you think.

Standard U-Channel Sign Post - 8' tall (2-1/4" Wide) 

8' Tall Standard Baked Enamel Post (with bolts & nuts)
These low cost posts are good for temporary signs.

• This standard-sized U-channel post is a lightweight alternative to our high-strength post. This post is great for most common uses.

• Posts are made from steel with a baked-on green enamel finish that stops rust.

• Posts are predrilled with 3/8" diameter holes that are 1" on center, located at the top 30" of the post.

• Sign posts weigh 2 pounds per foot of length.

• Tapered on one end, these U-channel posts are designed for fast, stay-flat installation of your signs.

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Part# K-153-8MK
Size 8' Post
Package 1 Post
Material Green Baked Enamel Posts (medium weight) [BZ-BE-Md]
Color Green
Material Features

• Baked enamel coating for a durable outdoor life and helps prevent rust.

• Green posts are medium weight and best for signs that are 12" x 18" or smaller.

• Posts weigh 1.12 pounds per linear foot.

• Convenient, pre-drilled holes makes it easy to position sign properly.

• NCHRP 350 compliant, and approved for use nationwide.

Contents Kit includes everything you need to install and mount one sign: one U-Channel Sign Post, 2 bolts (5/16" x 2"), 2 nuts, 2 metal lock washers and two plastic washers.
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