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At first glance, it may not seem like much has changed over the last few decades in the world of traffic signs. Stop signs are still red octagons with white writing, one way signs are still standard black-and-white arrows with text, and yield signs are still inverted triangles with red borders. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. The unchanging façade of standardized road signs belies the technological progress that has been made. New materials have been developed to make road signs that stand up to harsh weather conditions, new dyes have been created to ensure that brightly colored road signs doesn’t fall victim to sun bleaching, and new retro reflective prisms have been employed to ensure that road signs reflect an appropriate amount of light from the appropriate angle depending on where they are used. Even though most traffic signs look the same on paper as they did 30 years ago, their performance on the road is incomparable.

But the signs themselves aren’t the only things that have changed. Our online ordering system makes it infinitely easier for you to get the signs you need at an affordable price. It used to be that the traffic sign market was riddled with middle men. The manufacturer would negotiate with a salesman, who would negotiate with a retailer, who would sell the signs to the people and municipalities that actually used them. Everyone would take a cut, and the process was unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming. We’ve eliminated the middle man by allowing you to order the signs you need online. Our online wizards even allow you to design and customize signs in your web browser, so you get exactly what you need without having to go through an endless back-and-forth with the supplier. There is no question that ordering signs online makes things easier. Besides better prices, buying signs online allows you to access MUTCD and other regulations instantly, while you’re shopping. It also makes it possible for you to compare sign prices by material and quantity.

Overall, our aim is to sell you quality signs at an affordable price, and to make the whole process as easy and efficient as possible. That’s why we boast the best prices only and why all our signs are MUTCD approved. That’s also why our website and design wizards employ user-friendly, cutting edge software. And finally, that’s why our signs are made with long-lasting 3M inks and films, and are offered in multiple reflective grades, from standard Engineering Grade to top of the line Diamond Grade.
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