State Law Pedestrians Stop Traffic Sign and Post Kit
Part# X-R1-6a-Kit
Size 36" x 12" Sign on 4-ft Post
Color Black, Red, White on Fluorescent Lime Green
Package 1 Kit
Material Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign [BZ-EG63]
Printing Screen Printing What is this?
Contents 2 signs, 1 tip and roll post and 1 attachment hardware kit

State Law Stop to Pedestrians & Post Kit 

State Law Stop for Pedestrians (symbol) within Crosswalk Double Sided Sign and Post Kit

Package : 1 Kit • Price per Kit
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Kit
1 2 3 10
$228.85 $220.95 $214.95 $209.95
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Product Description
Enforce the state law and make vehicles stop for people crossing with this reflective aluminum Stop sign and post kit. Simple to roll out, won't blow over in the wind, will keep students and pedestrians safe.
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