History of Fluorescent Signs

The early signs were just fluorescent and not reflective. In the 1980’s 3M developed film that was both reflective and fluorescent – a powerful combination! These signs are highly conspicuous at precisely the most dangerous and accident prone times of the day – when children are going to school or leaving school at dawn and at dusk.
where fluorescent school signs solved a perennial problem

Every fall it was the same story. As soon as Austin’s schools opened, the Traffic Engineer’s office was flooded with phone calls: “When are you going to put up more signs?" “There aren't enough school guards on duty!" “How about equipping the guards with flashlights for these dark mornings?" We need flasher signs, that's what!"

Then in the fall of 1959 instead of requests and complaints compliments Came pouring in. What had happened’ Fluorescent school signs were up an Austin. After thorough evaluation by Traffic Engineer W. H. Klapproth and Traffic Supervisor W. H. Towery signs of “Scotchcal” Fluorescent Film were erected in the school zones. Response was immediate and enthusiastic.

“Stands out a mile.”

"The Visibility and target value of this fluorescent film were just what we needed." says Mr. Klapproth. "One motorist told me it 'stands out a country mile.' A slight exaggeration of cource, but fluorescent does alert derivers much sooner than conventional yellow and black. "And most important it has resulted in reduced speeds in our school zones.

"That's why I believe fluorescent belongs on school signs-but only on school signs. I want its high impact reserved for this special use.

"Fluorescent does the job all right. That's enough for us." Mr. Klapproth concludes.

The P.T.A. also approves.

Fluorescent School Sign Fluorescent Film School Sign

Traffic Supervisor Towery has found that fluorescent film works especially well on dark, cloudy morning and along toward dusk. Evidentally Austin parents are well aware of fluorescent's effectiveness, too. Complaints about school crossing protection are seldom heard today. As Mr. Towery puts it, " the P.T.A. now is most friendly."

After three seasons of satisfactory performance, Austinrefaced its fluorescent school signs in the summer of 1962-again with "Scotchal" Fluorescent Film.

"The Austinexperience with fluorescent school signs has been repeated in over 375 cities and countries, large and small. Some communities make their own signs from pre-screened faces or roll goods. Others purchase finished signs of "Scotchcal" Fluorescent Film. For further information, ask your 3M reprentative-or write The 3M Company.

Reflecive Products Division, St. Paul 19, Minnesota.

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