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Nob Hill Classic Street Signs

Use a little sophistication with Nob Hill classic street signs — a favorite of historical neighborhoods, shopping centers, and private communities. Personalize a sign with your cross streets.
  • • Double-sided signs are constructed of heavy-duty plates, bound together for durability.
  • • Order sign hardware separately for a 4-way kit, or a 2-way kit.
  • • Choose from a range of 3M reflective coatings for increasing levels of visibility.
  • • Our 6" tall signs comes with 4" tall letters!
  • • Great for roads with Speed Limits below 25 MPH!
Civic Official Street Signs
Civic street signs. Available in a 6” tall blade with 4” letters or a 9” tall blade with 6” letters.
Step 1: Select a Shape
  • Tough and timeless street signs, in 4 colors.
  • Double-sided, with 3M reflective films.
  • Only $54.75.
  • Click to select
    Green Plates, White Letters
  • Click to select
    Blue Plates, White Letters
  • Click to select
    Brown Plates, White Letters
  • Click to select
    White Plates, Black Letters
Step 2: Select a Sign Height
Try popular 6" signs with 4" letters, great for local roads with speeds under 25 mph.
  • Click to select
    6" High Signs with 4" letters