Road Signs Test, Part I

Part I: Beginner Level
Start with this quiz to warm up your traffic sign knowledge. This quiz contains many traffic and road signs that are commonly seen and should be reasonably familiar to drivers of all experience levels. Full speed ahead!
#1  This sign means:
Slow down ahead
Stop only if pedestrians are present
Come to a complete stop, and proceed only when safe to do so
Construction ahead, do not enter
#2  This sign means:
Traffic signal lights ahead
Stop sign ahead
Yield sign ahead
Continue at your current speed
#3  This sign means:
Road closed ahead
Intersection ahead
Crosswalk ahead
Railroad crossing ahead
#4  This sign means:
High school ahead to the right
Hotel ahead to the right
Hospital ahead to the right
Highway ahead to the right
#5  This sign means:
Pedestrians only, no vehicles allowed
Senior citizens crossing ahead
School crossing ahead
Pedestrians crossing ahead
#6  This sign means:
General service sign for lodging
General service sign for trailer park
General service sign for camping
Do not drive when tired
#7  This sign means:
Bicyclists ahead, decrease speed to 13 mph
Bicycle parking ahead, room for 13 bicycles
Interstate bicycle route
Bicycle route
#8  This sign means:
Maximum speed limit is 35 mph
Minimum speed limit is 35 mph
Increase speed by 35 mph
Decrease speed by 35 mph
#9  This sign means:
Children competing in mini-marathon, drive with caution
Children playing, drive with caution
Disabled children playing
School for special needs ahead
#10  This sign means:
Slow down and prepare to stop if necessary
Come to a complete stop at the intersection
Proceed ahead and maintain a constant speed
Stop for emergency vehicles
#11  This sign means:
No right turn
No U-turn
No right turn on red
No stopping at intersection
#12  This sign means:
Large motor vehicles only
Truck parking only
Hill ahead
Truck ramp ahead
#13  This sign means:
Bicyclists ahead, motor vehicles stay to the left
Bike lane ahead, motor vehicles make left turn
Bicycle repair shop to the left
Bicycle detour to the left
#14  This sign means:
Road curves right, then left ahead
Do not drink and drive
Road is slippery when wet
Road curves left, then right ahead
#15  This sign means:
Lane reserved for pedestrians
Bicycles ahead, proceed with caution
Lane reserved for motorcycles
Lane reserved for bicycles
#16  This sign means:
Please recycle
A flagger is stationed ahead to control road users
Construction ahead
Pedestrians ahead
#17  This sign means:
No bicycles allowed
No motor vehicles allowed
Bicycles ahead or crossing
Pedestrians ahead or crossing
#18  This sign means:
Dead end ahead
Restricted roadway ahead, traffic prohibited
Pedestrians only, motor vehicles prohibited
Construction ahead, motor vehicles prohibited
#19  This sign means:
Increase speed by 45 mph
Reduce speed by 45 mph
Increased speed limit sign ahead
Reduced speed limit sign ahead
#20  This sign means:
Private property, do not park
No parking anytime
Disabled parking spot
Hospital patient parking spot
#21  This sign means:
Single-file bike lane, no passing
Walking bikes allowed only, no peddling
Bike lane, no standing
Bike lane, no parking anytime
#22  This sign means:
Yield to pedestrians crossing
Yield sign ahead
Pedestrians ahead
School zone ahead, prepare to yield
#23  This sign means:
Maximum parking of nine hours, between 8:30am and 5:30pm
Minimum parking of two hours, between 8:30am and 5:30pm
No parking between 8:30am and 5:30pm
Parking allowed between 8:30am and 5:30pm in two-hour intervals
#24  This sign means:
Do not drink and drive
Only one car permitted at a time
Proceed to drive in a single-file line
Machine-operated gate, proceed with caution
#25  This sign means:
Intersection ahead
Two-way traffic ahead
One-way traffic ahead
Divided highway ahead
#26  This sign means:
Utility crew ahead
Elementary school crossing
Children’s playground ahead
Amusement park ahead
#27  This sign means:
Trucks may weigh no more than 40 tons
Truck tires may be no larger than 40 inches
Truck speed limit is 40 mph
Truck ramp ahead