Free Road Traffic Quizzes

Learn How to Pass Your State Driver’s Test and Become a Safer Driver
Free Road Traffic Quizzes
As there are more than 500 Federally approved traffic signs displayed today, it is important for all drivers to be familiar with their images and meanings to ensure safe and smart driving. This thorough and concise quiz features an assortment road and traffic signs that all drivers should recognize and understand.
To pass a driver’s test you must understand traffic signs and the dangers of drinking or texting and driving. Unfortunately, many Drivers’ Ed sites require payment before taking their test. That’s too bad! Our tests are free and require no login. The goal should be to prepare as many drivers as well as possible. These professional tests not only prepare you for your test but, importantly, increase driver safety. We encourage schools, parents and drivers to link to this page to enhance road safety.This quiz can also be a useful and fun way for veteran drivers to brush up on the driving rules and regulations that they were tested on many years ago.
Most DMVs in the US require a score of 80% or higher to pass the written test. For our quizzes that we offer, we do the same and require 80% or higher to consider it passing. With our quizzes though, you can take them as many times as you like, either to get the passing grade or to help you to study for the test. So, feel free to take the quiz as many times as necessary to hone your traffic and road sign comprehension. Have fun!
Free Traffic Signs Quiz - Beginner Level
Start with this quiz to warm up your traffic sign knowledge. This quiz contains many traffic and road signs that are commonly seen and should be reasonably familiar to drivers of all experience levels.
Taken 283188 Times (Correct Answers: 78.45%)
Traffic Signs Quiz - Intermediate Level
Signs can be overwhelming to a new driver. This quiz contains more challenging and unusual signs that are just as important to recognize as those featured in the first level.
Taken 163306 Times (Correct Answers: 79.74%)
Traffic Signs Quiz - Advanced Level
Take our Advanced Level Sign Quiz to see whether you know the uncommon and trickiest of traffic signs. The difficulty level in this quiz is higher than the first two levels. Let’s see how you fare.
Taken 203965 Times (Correct Answers: 73.25%)
Parking Signs Quiz
How to improve my parking skills? Take this Parking Sign Quiz to brush up on sign meanings and learn some new rules.
Taken 47960 Times (Correct Answers: 69.80%)

Free Safe Driving Quizzes

Free Safe Driving Quizzes On an average, there are more than 6 million car accidents on the roads of the US, annually. With such an immense number of injuries and fatalities, knowing the basics of road safety is crucial regardless of age or experience. Many Americans are uninformed of the potential dangers of drunk and/or distracted driving, leading to destructive decisions behind the wheel. These quizzes are a fun and informative way to learn about the precautions every driver can and should take to reduce hazards and lessen the risk of injury or death on the road.
You already know not to drink and drive, but these statistcs will startle you. Ensure your employees never drink on the job and learn about the state laws.
Taken 23989 Times (Correct Answers: 58.10%)
Test your knowledge about how to best protect your children in and around cars. Topics covered are backovers, car seats, airbags and more.
Taken 7511 Times (Correct Answers: 62.97%)
Learn about the facts and figures of distracted driving. After completion you will learn why it's so dangerous to text while driving.
Taken 23133 Times (Correct Answers: 51.24%)
Take this Distracted Driving quiz to learn if you're a "distracted driver." There is so much about your own habits that you probably don't know.
Taken 8855 Times (Correct Answers: 77.61%)