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Traffic Yield Signs

Traffic Yield Signs
Buy the same Yield Sign that professional state highway departments purchase. We supply these signs to 100’s of state and local agencies across the US.

• All signs use 3M materials and carry the unrivaled 3M warranties for traffic signs. These are not low cost ink jet signs sold by most of the other online competitors. Our 3M Yield signs still look great, even after 15 years outside.

• Signs meet the MUTCD requirements and follow the R1-2 specifications. Click here to download a free PDF.

• Find three different grades of reflectivity: “EG” Engineer Grade, “HI” High Intensity and “DG” Diamond Grade.. High Intensity Yield Signs are most popular – in 24” and 30” size. Smaller sizes are used for use on private roads or at a plant.

• Are you curious about how Yield Signs were invented? Click here to learn more.

  • Traffic signs like this YIELD sign are on the front edge of your traffic safety system.
World’s Best Yield to Pedestrian Sign
World’s Best Yield to Pedestrian Sign
Click to find out why this sign has so many admirers at schools and cities. In street yield signs get results.
Yield Signs (27143)
Engineer Grade Yield Sign High-Intensity Yield Sign Diamond Grade Yield Sign
Engineer Grade Yield Signs High-Intensity Yield Signs Diamond Grade Yield Signs

• Signs are reflective and reflect light from a flashlight or a car's headlights. This is our most common Yield sign material.

• Yield signs use matching 3M inks and 3M Engineer Grade reflective films. Signs have been proven to last for over 10 years in most conditions.

• Mounted on 80 mils thick aluminum.

• 3M's "High Intensity" Grade Reflective Yield signs offer up three times more reflectance than Engineer Grade signs.

• "High Intensity" film not only offers greater reflectance straight on, but is especially bright when approached from an angle.

• This is our top selling Yield sign material.

• Yield sign is made from 3M's premium material's Diamond Grade reflective film and matching 3M inks. Diamond Grade signs offer superior reflective angularity, and outstanding nighttime brilliance. Diamond Grade signs are 3X more reflective than High Intensity signs.

• Diamond Grade signs yield signs are mounted on 80 mils thick non-rusting aluminum.

Size Part# Price Qty.
    1 2 3  
18"x 18" X-R1-2 $18.65 $18.40 $17.90
24"x 24" X-R1-2 $18.95 $18.90 $18.85
30"x 30" X-R1-2 $26.15 $25.90 $25.65
36"x 36" X-R1-2 $32.20 $31.70 $31.20
Size Part# Price Qty.
    1 2 3  
18"x 18" X-R1-2 $19.95 $19.70 $19.45
24"x 24" X-R1-2 $23.95 $23.90 $23.85
30"x 30" X-R1-2 $32.20 $31.95 $31.70
36"x 36" X-R1-2 $38.95 $37.95 $37.45
Size Part# Price Qty.
    1 2 3  
18"x 18" X-R1-2 $29.95 $29.45 $28.95
24"x 24" X-R1-2 $32.20 $31.95 $31.70
30"x 30" X-R1-2 $43.45 $43.35 $43.30
36"x 36" X-R1-2 $52.45 $52.40 $52.35

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