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Product Description

Keep the crowd controlled and prevent access to unauthorized or hazardous areas with a convenient and portable foldable barricade.

  • Frame is 36" H x 13" W and weighs 10lbs. Panel is 24" H x 12" W.
  • Panels have engineer grade reflective, orange/white striped sheeting applied to both sides for increased low-light and night time visibility.
  • Features "click lock" hinges for maintaining open position. Molded-in handles and foldability provide excellent portability.
  • Frame is molded hollow and has a ballast hole on each side that can each be filled with up to 5lbs of sand/gravel for a total of 10lbs of additional support and stability. (Recommended to fill boths sides.)
  • Can be stacked for storage and ease of transportation.
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  • 36" x 13"
  • Foldable Barricade
  • Foldable Barricade
Foldable Barricade
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  • Foldable barricades feature a reflective panel with white/orange striped pattern.
  • Engineer Grade Reflective sheeting is applied to both sides of the frame.
  • Foldable frame is made from HPDE plastic for excellent durability, and portability.
  • Molded hollow frame allows internal balasting with up to 10lbs of sand/gravel.
  • Frame is available in white, orange, and yellow.
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