Traffic Barricades

Work place accidents can severely impact the lives and safety of workers, pedestrians, and drivers. Barricades help to mitigate risks and serve as a form of crowd/traffic control within specified areas. Their applications can vary from constructions sites, to adjusting traffic patterns, to controlling a crowd at major social gatherings.
  • • We offer a variety of different types of barricades in different styles so you can choose the type of barricade that best serves your needs.
  • • Engineer Grade reflective sheeting on our barricades greatly increases nighttime and low light visibility.
  • • Made from high quality, durable, yet lightweight plastic makes them ideal for storage and transport on the go.
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A-Frame Barricades (Type I or Type II)

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O-Frame Parade Style Type I or Type II Barricade - 4 Ft Panel
O-Frame Parade Style Type I or Type II Barricade - 6 Ft Panel
O-Frame Parade Style Type I or Type II Barricade - 8 Ft Panel

Break-Away Barricades (Type III)

Break-away Type III Barricade - 4Ft Panel
Break-away Type III Barricade - 6Ft Panel
Break-away Type III Barricade - 8Ft Panel

Folding Barricades

Foldable Style Narrow Barricade
Foldable Style Short-Narrow Barricade
Foldable Style Type I or Type II Barricade

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