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State Law Yield to Pedestrians & FlexPost Kit: State Law Yield to Pedestrians (symbol) within Crosswalk Double Sided Sign and FlexPost Kit (X-R1-6-FLEXKIT) Learn More...

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Product Description

Alert drivers to give way to pedestrians crossing the road. Using the FlexPost technology, this minimizes the damage to the vehicle and the post upon collision! Yield-to-pedestrian law ensures that drivers exercise caution and give right-of-way to those on foot. With this double-sided, Yield To Pedestrian sign and FlexPost Kit, enforcing the state law have become much easier.

  • Heavy-duty sign is perfect for school zones, residential areas, events, and busy intersections. It is also critical in areas where pedestrians may have limited visibility, such as near curves, hills, or intersections with obstructed views.
  • The kit has 2 signs, a FlexPost, and an attachment hardware kit. Assemble yourself in just minutes.
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  • 48" x 17"
  • FlexPost Kit
  • Asphalt FlexPost Kit & Fl. Diamond Grade Sign
  • Concrete FlexPost Kit & Fl. Diamond Grade Sign
Asphalt FlexPost Kit & Fl. Diamond Grade Sign
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  • 80 mil thick aluminum with fluorescent diamond grade reflectivity.
  • 3M's brightest sign material.
  • 3M matched component inks and films.
  • 4 ft post and included hardware are designed for asphalt installations.
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Size:48" x 17"
Material: Asphalt FlexPost Kit & Fl. Diamond Grade Sign
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