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Roll-Up Sign: Sobriety Checkpoint Ahead (WM-0082)

Product Description

  • Available in 3 retroreflective materials with varying luminosities: Super Bright (standard), Marathon (brighter), and Diamond Grade (brightest) where applicable.
  • Choose from one of the above available materials. If you need to confirm which stand is needed for your desired selection, you can confirm compatibility by referring to this chart here.
  • All signface materials are extremely flexible, durable and tolerate a myriad of adverse conditions from solvents and impacts to inclement weather and torrid heat without compromising the construction of the signface.
  • All signface materials are backed by a 1-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship, parts and materials.
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  • 36" x 36"
  • Compact Reflective Signfaces
  • 36" Reflexite Marathon Compact, Bright Yellow Green
  • DuraLatch Reflective Signfaces
  • 36" Reflexite Marathon DuraLatch, Bright Yellow Green
  • Plastic 4-Pocket Reflective Signfaces
  • 36" Reflexite Marathon Plastic, Bright Yellow Green
  • Sewn 4-Pocket Reflective Signfaces
  • 36" Reflexite Marathon Sewn, Bright Yellow Green
36" Reflexite Marathon Compact, Bright Yellow Green
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  • Made from Marathon microprismatic retroreflective sheeting heat sealed to a heavy-duty vinyl coated fabric.
  • Heightened visibility at long distances both day and night.
  • Legends are printed digitally.
  • Superior durability and construction, even after collisions the material resists crushing impacts, solvents, and will not delaminate in adverse weather conditions.
  • Contains one Compact system with Marathon signface and integrated crossbrace that can be permanently combined with any compatible stand.
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Size:36" x 36"
Material: 36" Reflexite Marathon Compact, Bright Yellow Green
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Jun 01, 2023

Size: 36" x 36" Material Type: Bright Yellow Green Reflexite Marathon 4-Pocket Sewn Roll-Up Signface - 36" x 36"   Verified Purchase