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Center Lane Closed Ahead: Center Lane Closed Ahead (X-W9-3) Learn More...

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Part# X-W9-3
Color Black on Orange
Shape Diamond
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Product Description

When the center lane closes drivers will be forced to merge right or left. Prepare them for this with a long-lasting aluminum Center Lane Closed Ahead sign.

MUTCD Regulation: Section 2C.42 Lane Ends Signs (W4-2, W9-1, W9-2)
MUTCD Regulations

Standard: 01 In dropped lane situations, regulatory signs (see Section 2B.20) shall be used to inform road users that a through lane is becoming a mandatory turn lane. The W4-2, W9-1, and W9-2 signs shall not be used in dropped lane situations.

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  • 30" x "30"
  • 3M Engineer Grade Reflective Alum.
  • 3M Hi Intensity Reflective Aluminum
  • 3M DiamondGrd. Fluorescent Orange
3M Engineer Grade Reflective Alum.
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Lasts 10+ years outside. This is one of our good selling products. Great water and chemical resistance 168ºF Mounts with screws or clips. Jan 31
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  • Extra thick, heavy-duty 80 mil rustproof aluminum.
  • Standard Engineer Grade reflective.
  • 10 year durability backed by a 3M warranty.
  • Rounded corners - for easy handling and a professional appearance.
  • Signs have prepunched holes to insure a hassle-free installation.
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Protective Overlay Film For Signs3M SmartShield sign laminate is a step up from our standard laminate. This POF laminate makes it easy to remove marks and graffiti from your sign. It also greatly extends the life of your sign and protects the graphics from fading and weather.
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Size:30" x "30"
Material:3M Engineer Grade Reflective Alum.
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