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Our MUTCD traffic signs are compliant and are made in America.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which MUTCD standard do your parking signs comply with?


Our MUTCD parking signs are created as per Section 2B.46 and Section 2B.47 about parking, standing and stopping signs. These sections provide general guidance about parking, standing, and stopping signs along with design specifications for these. The signs and plaques are divided into R7 and R8 series. 

Q. What are the common size recommendations for MUTCD Signs?


The MUTCD size recommendations differ across signs and depend on factors such as placement, visibility conditions, and the message to be communicated. These dimensions are detailed in tables and illustrations in every MUTCD sign chapter. Generally, overall sign dimensions should be in multiples of 6 inches where possible.

Q. Do park-and-ride signs have to be MUTCD compliant?


Yes. Our park-and-ride signs are designed to comply with Section 2D.48 of the MUTCD. The signs are made with the best reflective materials and have an outdoor life of at least 10 years. 

Q. Who can install interstate signs?


Our interstate signs are designed to be used in personal or professional spaces. These novelty signs make great souvenirs for family and friends. Official interstate sign installation is usually governed by state/local traffic authorities.

Q. What type of recreational and cultural interest signs do you offer?


Our recreational and cultural interest range of guide signs includes a variety of options. You may choose from different accommodation signs or pick a campground sign for your water recreation facility. Campground signs for winter recreation and land recreation are also available. You may also find the perfect MUTCD-compliant motorist services sign for your park.

Q. Does MUTCD also recommend sign colors?


Yes, MUTCD provides the rules and guidance around sign colors as well. There are 13 colors identified in MUTCD and the general meaning of each of these colors can be found here. You may also refer to Table 2A-5 for more detailed information about the common uses of sign colors.

Q. Can I install MUTCD speed limit signs on my private street?


Since the MUTCD provisions apply to private streets open for public travel, you may install speed limit signs on your road. However, your local traffic agency may have specific procedures or requirements for private street traffic control devices and you should check with them before going ahead.

Q. What is your return policy?

If the products you receive do not meet your expectations, you may call us within 60 days of receipt to return undamaged, unused stock products. Please note that we do not accept returns of custom products, international orders, or return requests made more than 60 days after delivery.

Q. Can I get a catalog of your MUTCD products?


We do not provide printed catalogs. You may find all the information about all our products on the website www.roadtrafficsigns.com.