Part# CB-1121
Size 8" x 15" (H x W)
Color Black on Yellow
Package 1 Sign
Material Reflective “No-Tip” Traffic Cone Sign - Two Sides Printed [BZ-CONE-RE-2]
Contents Cone not included.

ConeBoss Sign 

Caution - Watch For Bicyclists!

Package : 1 Sign • Price per Sign
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Sign
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$26.21 $25.69
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Product Description
Use this highly visible no-tip, portable Traffic Cone Sign to warn motorists about bicyclists that may come in the way due to a particular road feature like slip lane, at a bridge, large single lane roundabouts, etc. Choose between 1-sided and 2-sided cone sign.

• Sign locks on top of any cone without applying extreme pressure.

• Sign size is 8" H x 15" W. Overall product dimension are 15.4375" H x 15.875" W.

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