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Cycling in Spring

March 5, 2018

Spring is coming quickly, and many states are already starting to see spring weather. With the weather improving, it means that cyclists are back on the roads in many places.  Keeping that in mind, here are some advisories for getting back on the road again after a long winter.



First: make sure that your bike is well-maintained before you take it back out on the road. Oil the chain, pump up the tires, adjust the drivetrain and brakes if necessary, and make sure your shifters work correctly. Steel components can rust from rain and exposure, and so you should make sure that your bike is safe to ride before you take it back out on the road.

Second, remember that drivers aren’t used to seeing cyclists on the road after a long winter, so ride cautiously and safely. Bicycles are still treated as vehicles under every state’s law, so you’re required to follow the rules of the road in the same way as if you were a car. This means stopping at red lights, stop signs, and in general, obeying traffic laws that apply. Keep your phone in your pocket and don’t wear headphones. Just because it seems like a good idea to ride on the wrong side of the road doesn’t mean it’s safe or legal. And if there is a bike path or bike lane available, use it.

Wear Your Helmet Safety First Sign

Third, ensure your safety equipment is working!  Check your safety gear before you use it, like helmets and reflective clothing, and replace worn-out helmets. Most states require at least a bell, reflectors, and brakes. For children, many states require bike helmets to be worn– and a helmet is a good thing to wear in any case! If you’re riding at night, front and back lights are also required by law.

As always, SmartSign carries a full line of reflective safety stickers, bike safety signs, and other products to help you get where you’re going safely.

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