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Pick the Right Stand for Roll-Up Signs

March 20, 2017

Portable road work signs are ideal for mobile work areas, quick road repairs, and short-term projects. They require little to no assembling and disassembling. But portable signs can take a beating from bad weather and debris . A gust of wind can knock them out, leaving your traffic message to bite the dust. Poor assembly and flimsy bases are usually the culprits.

Take the right stand

Invest in good quality stands that can keep your sign in place without tipping over.
Windmaster sign stands resist impact from high winds and firmly hold roll-up and standard road work signs. The bases are manufactured from durable steel with springs that prevent twisting and turning. Long, high-strength aircraft aluminum legs with rubber caps arrest any movement.
These sturdy stands are also compact and lightweight. They fold into one cubic foot of space and can be carried anywhere easily. Available in a variety of heights, your stands can go as high as 84 inches from the ground.

Get the right face for it

Please note that some Windmaster stands work better with one kind of sign faces than others. We offer Compact, DuraLatch or 4-Pocket Plastic and Sewn sign faces in different grades of reflectivity.
Find out what sign face will work best with your choice of stand.
Sign faces are flexible, and a trigger release system shuts them closed when not in use. All sign face materials tolerate impacts, bad weather, exposure to solvents, and high temperatures.
You can choose a stock traffic message or customize your sign face depending on your requirement.

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