Are Your Sidewalk Closed Signs Placed Correctly?

March 10, 2017

It’s unfortunate to live near a construction zone, and walking around one is no piece of cake either. Pedestrians are already vulnerable to hazards like falling objects, dug up holes, debris, mud, and fumes at construction sites, and closed sidewalks add another hazard.

Temporary walkways with barriers are important to provide safe access for pedestrians. But information about these safeguards is often missing or inadequate. This creates confusion among pedestrians who may feel lost, frustrated, and potentially in danger for them.

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) has very specific guidelines on installation of Sidewalk Closed Signs.

  1. Sidewalk Closed (R9)Sidewalk Closed Sign

    The SIDEWALK CLOSED sign should be installed at the beginning of the closed sidewalk, at the intersections preceding the closed sidewalk, and elsewhere along the closed sidewalk as needed.

  2. Sidewalk Closed (Arrow), Use Other Side (R9-10)

    The SIDEWALK CLOSED, (ARROW) USE OTHER SIDE sign should be installed at the beginning of the restricted sidewalk when a parallel sidewalk exists on the other side of the roadway.

  3. Sidewalk Closed Ahead (Arrow) Cross Here (R9-11)

    The SIDEWALK CLOSED AHEAD, (ARROW) CROSS HERE sign should be used to indicate to pedestrians that sidewalks beyond the sign are closed and to direct them to open crosswalks, sidewalks, or other travel paths.

  4. Sidewalk Closed Ahead (Arrow) Cross Here (R9-11a)

    The SIDEWALK CLOSED, (ARROW) CROSS HERE sign should be installed just beyond the point to which pedestrians are being redirected.

These reflective signs should be installed on the temporary barriers and be visible to everyone approaching a closed sidewalk. In addition, portable signs can be put up when visibility at a particular height may be hampered.

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