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Trucks, due to their large size and the heavy load they carry, can be a cause of worry for motorists. Also, some of the roads can't have heavy vehicles running on them due to speed and load restrictions. Our Truck Signs help mark the road restricted for trucks and inform passenger vehicles to drive cautiously around them.
  • • Made using highest quality of aluminum, our truck signs do not fade and enjoy a good outdoor life.
  • • Choose from three grades of reflective aluminum -High Intensity Grade, Engineer Grade, and Diamond Grade. Reflective signs can be easily seen even when it's pitch dark.
  • • Available at the best prices online, you get premium quality truck signs at affordable prices.
  • • For more information, visit our - Truck Signage FAQs
No Engine Braking Signs
Place one of our No Engine Braking Signs in your neighborhood to keep the noise level to a minimum.
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Our Truck Entering Highway Signs are the best in the industry. See why.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are truck labels as durable as truck signs? What kind of adhesive do you offer?


Our truck labels are made of laminated polyester that lasts at least five years outdoors. 4 mil thick polyester labels are supplied with an aggressive acrylic adhesive backing for a permanent application. 3M Engineer Grade Truck Labels last seven years. On the other hand, signs come in various materials like plastic and aluminum that also last for years outdoors.

Q. How can I include a particular axle weight limit on a truck sign?


In the “Weight Limit Signs” category, look for a “Custom” flag on the top right corner of the Axle Weight Custom Tons Signs. You will see a customization box on the product page where you can enter your axle weight limit of the truck in tons. You can increase or decrease the letter height with two buttons given next to the customization boxes. It’s easy to adjust the font type and alignment of your text too. All this doesn’t require any expertise in designing. Our customization tool is very user-friendly.

Q. Which truck signs/labels can be used inside the truck to improve safety?


3-point contact labels can be applied directly to the truck to avoid falls. Other truck warnings signs that can be used as cautionary and safety measures inside the trucks include “Do The Safety Walk”, “This Truck Makes Wide Right Turns”, “This Vehicle Makes Frequent Stops”, “This Vehicle Stops and Backs Often”, “Don’t Drive Too Closely”, “Oversize Load”, “If You Can’t See My Mirrors, I Can’t See You” and more.

Q. Do you offer customizable Truck Signs?


Yes. Truck Signs can be customized for their weight limit, axle weight limit, speed limit, parking timings, towing company details, instructions for drivers, or any other text. Just look for a “Custom” flag on the top right corner of a design. On the product page, you will see customization boxes where you can enter your text. It’s easy to adjust the font type and alignment of your text too. Customization has no extra charges.

Q. Will I be charged for shipping?

Yes. Shipping costs can be calculated during the checkout process. We have a Shipping Cost Estimator on the cart page, which will show you the estimated shipping charges once you enter your zip code.

Q. Where to submit our tax-exempt documents?

Please email us at "[email protected]" with your order number in the subject.