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Road Construction Signs

  • Road construction signs
Clearly mark construction areas with an oversized warning or traffic sign. Road construction signs will warn drivers of work areas and will promote safe and cautious driving near your site.
  • • Maintain safety, direct road crews, and block loiterers.
  • • Check out our range of signs below for details and prices.
  • • We also feature extra-large construction signs up to 6 feet across. Check out more signs to learn more.
  • • For more information, visit our - Road Construction FAQs
Slow Moving Vehicle Sign
Place this sign on your truck or farm vehicle and help more the road a safer place.
video thumb buttonRoad Work Ahead Signvideo thumb frame
Find out why hundreds of municipalities and government agencies across the US prefer our road signs like this Road Work Ahead Sign.
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Custom Road Construction Signs

Pick a template and design your own road construction sign in minutes. For a complete range of custom traffic signs, click here.

Road Construction Signs

Whether you want to warn against falling objects or trucks on the road ahead, our Road Construction Signs fit the bill.
End Construction Sign
Construction Sign
Slow Traffic Ahead - Traffic Sign
MUTCD Compliant Road Warning Sign
Be Prepared To Stop Sign
Stop Sign
Construction Ahead Road Work Sign
Road Work Sign
No Construction Traffic Sign
Warning Sign
Construction Entrance Sign
Construction Sign
Road Construction Ahead Sign
Warning Sign
Raise Plow Construction Safety Sign
Construction Safety Sign
Be Prepared To Stop Sign
Warning Sign
Heavy Truck Traffic Sign
Truck Signs
Watch For Falling Objects Logging Sign
Logging Road Sign
Hard Hat Area Sign
Warning Sign
Give 'Em A Break Slow Down Sign
Warning Sign
Accident Ahead Sign
Traffic Sign
Raise Plow Ahead Sign
Construction Safety Sign
Slow Moving Vehicles Sign
Slow Sign
Under Construction Sign
Construction Sign
Construction Zone Speed Limit 10 MPH Sign
Speed Limit Sign
Speeding Limit Sign
Speed Limit Sign
Slow - Construction Area Ahead Trucks Entering Sign
Construction Area Sign
No Construction Traffic Octagon Stop Sign
Octagon STOP Sign
No Construction Traffic ConeBoss Sign
ConeBoss Sign

Large Road Construction Signs

Bigger is better. Why take chances when life is at risk. Opt for larger signs and ensure the warning is hard-to-miss.
Manhole Caution Road Safety Sign
Caution Heavy Equipment Crossing Sign
Caution: Heavy Equipment Crossing
Road Construction 1 Mile Sign
Road Construction 1 Mile
Road Construction 1000FT Sign
Road Construction 1000FT
Road Construction 1500FT Sign
Road Construction 1500FT
Road Construction 250FT Sign
Road Construction 250FT
Road Construction 500FT Sign
Road Construction 500FT
Slow Down Construction Entrance Ahead Sign
Slow Down Construction Entrance Ahead

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the recommended shape of a construction sign?


Road construction signs are diamond-shaped (square with one diagonal vertical). There are three types of road signs - regulatory, warning, and guide signs. Out of these, warning signs are diamond-shaped (MUTCD Section 2A.09). Since construction work signs are a kind of warning for oncoming traffic, these are in diamond-shape. A distinct shape ensures that roadway users understand the sign category and type of information displayed on the sign. Such as in heavy fog, you may be able to make out only the shape of a sign.

Q. What is the color of construction signs - yellow or orange?


There are two types of road warnings - temporary and permanent. Temporary warnings, typically due to construction, are in orange with black text (MUTCD Section 6F.02), while permanent warnings are in yellow for maximum readability and visibility. Orange has been widely used in road construction signs and other traffic control devices like cones, barrels, and delineators. In road construction, orange acts as an indicator for a driver because it is associated with roadside work. Fluorescent versions of orange may also be used.

Q. How do ConeBoss Road Construction Signs work?


Made of rigid, 3/16” thick plastic, our revolutionary ConeBoss Signs help you convert a traffic cone into a signpost. Injection-molded Cone Sign for construction fits snuggly over most common size traffic cones. No need to pinch the cone to apply the sign. If you want to install the ConeBoss Sign permanently on the cone, just screw the sign into the cone using the two little holes provided. This would also ensure the signs remain more stable in winds.

Q. How big should road construction signs be? What is the largest size you offer?


The recommended size for all Temporary Traffic Control signs which include road construction signage, construction traffic signs, road construction, and maintenance area signs, or highway construction and maintenance signs shall be referred from Table 6F-1 of MUTCD. The largest size we offer for our diamond-shaped road construction sign is 36” x 36”. The largest vertical sign measures 48” x 36”. 

Diamond-shaped road construction signs are typically 48"x48" for freeways and expressways, 36” x 36” and 24” x 24” for conventional roads. The minimum required dimension for most diamond-shaped TTC signs is 30” x 30”.

Q. How can I customize a Road Construction Sign without having any knowledge of designing?


Just look for a “Custom” flag on the top right corner of the listings. On the product page, you will see customization boxes where you can enter your text. This can be a construction traffic message, highway maintenance message, or any other text. There are options to alter letter size for your custom wording. You can increase or decrease the letter height with two buttons given next to the customization boxes. It’s easy to adjust the font type and alignment of your text too. All this doesn’t require any expertise in designing. Our customization tool is very user-friendly. On the final page after material selection, you can check the box, “Yes, I’d like your professional artists to tweak my design at no extra charges,” in case you are not satisfied with your custom design. You can also send any special instructions about your order in this step.

Q. Are your road construction signs retroreflective?

Yes, all our road construction signs are retroreflective. You can choose between 3M Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum, 3M Hi-Intensity Reflective Aluminum, 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Aluminum, or 3M Diamond Grade Fluorescent Orange. The reflective sheeting meets DOT specifications for Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects FP-85 for Sheeting Type II, Class 1 or 2.

Q. Can I return my order if I am not satisfied with the quality? Do you have a return policy?


If our order does not satisfy you, call us within 60 days of receipt to return undamaged, unused stock products. We do not accept returns of custom products, international orders, or returns made more than 60 days after delivery. For orders less than $40, there is no service charge but the restocking fee is 10%. But for orders from $40 to $999.99 the service charge is $10 and the restocking fee is $25. See our terms for more details.

Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Mar 03, 2022

Warning Sign : No Construction Traffic
Part #: K-6569 30" x 30" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

Good quality and price, quick to ship

Good quality and price, quick to ship
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Feb 21, 2022

Custom Sign, 36" x 36" : Customizable Diamond Orange &...
Part #: K-3600-OB 36" x 36" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

Custom construction signs

Greats signs quick delivery!
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Feb 14, 2022

Warning Sign : No Construction Traffic
Part #: K-6569 24" x 24" Heavy-Duty Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

Great product

Signs looked great, holes predrilled. Product exactly as described. Got here fast.
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Aug 12, 2021

Custom Sign, 36" x 36" : Customizable Diamond Orange &...
Part #: K-3600-OB 36" x 36" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

Great signs

Great signs thanks !!
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May 13, 2021

Warning Sign : No Construction Traffic
Part #: K-6569 24" x 24" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

Great Quality

better quality than expected