BigBoss A-Frame Portable Sidewalk Sign: Pedestrian Crossing (With Rounded Top) (K-ROLL-1027) Learn More...

Part# K-ROLL-1027
Shape Vertical
Contents Sign Panel slides into sign frame. Bundle comes with two preprinted sign panels and a frame. Frame includes wheels. As an option, you may also purchase a single sign panel.

Product Description

Notify motorists of pedestrians crossing with our 'Pedestrian Crossing' sidewalk sign. Sidewalk sign is ideal for areas with a high pedestrian traffic like schools.

  • Sidewalk signs are constructed of rustproof technopolymers supported by internal steel for durability and stability in rainy or windy conditions.
  • The kit includes a sturdy A-Frame and two 24 inch x 48 inch signs with rounded top. Rounded top gives a distinctive and eye-catching design to the sidewalk sign.
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    Lasts 3+ years outside.Good water and chemical resistance160ºFAccommodates insert panels on the front & rear of the unit. Aug 23
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    • Bundle includes two printed plastic sign panels and a frame.
    • Panels made from 160 mil thick corrugated plastic.
    • Signs printed digitally in high resolution. Signs slide into each side of frame.
    • Frame has built-in wheels, but does not fold flat.
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    Lasts 3+ years outside.Good water and chemical resistanceCan conform to a curved surface. 160ºFAug 26
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    • 160 mil thick corrugated plastic.
    • Digitally printed using opaque, outdoor grade inks.
    • Lightweight, chemical and water-resistant.
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