Does Your Pedestrian Crossing Sign Meet Safety Regulations?

Many of the free-standing Pedestrian Crossing signs you'll find online advertise special features, such as standing signs that pop out upon impact, lightweight materials, or diamond-grade reflective sheeting. But many of these perks actually violate safety requirements for pedestrian crossings. Our products are GUARANTEED to comply with all of the latest safety standards--we refuse to compromise safety for a convenient sales pitch. See how competitors fall short of regulation compliance:
  • A pedestrian crossing sign is required to bend over and bounce back upon impact, ensuring it stays in place even after if a vehicle strikes it. Pop-out models directly violate this requirement. MUTCD regulations state, "Unless the In-Street Pedestrian Crossing sign is placed on a physical island, the sign support shall be designed to bend over and then bounce back to its normal vertical position when struck by a vehicle. (MUTCD 2009, Section 2B.12)"
  • Other websites' signs don't even follow the correct color configurations. If there isn't a red STOP or YIELD icon on the sign, it fails to pass the test. "The In-Street Pedestrian Crossing sign shall have a black legend (except for the red STOP or YIELD sign symbols) and border on a white background, surrounded by an outer yellow or fluorescent yellow-green background area."
  • Many sign manufacturers sacrifice a sign's longevity in favor of brighter reflectivity. "Diamond Grade" sheeting may dazzle brighter than High-Intensity or Engineer-Grade fluorescent sheeting, but upon impact with a vehicle the reflective squares will shatter, destroying their reflectivity. We make sure our signs maintain high visibility even after multiple impacts.
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Impact Response? MUTCD Compliant? Color Compliant? Reflectivity Grade
Our Pedestrian Sign
Buynow Pedestrian
Pedestrian Signs Bends over and springs back up after impact Green Checkbox Green Checkbox Green Checkbox
Competitors' Signs Competitors Sign Sign separates from the base and falls down Uncheck Red Uncheck Red Uncheck Red

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